BioAggregate Root Canal Repair
Filling Material

Innovative BioCeramix Inc. (IBC) has successfully developed a new
generation of a dental root canal filling material.  BioAggregate® Root
Canal Repair Filling Material (BioAggregate®) is a fine white hydraulic
powder cement mixture for dental applications.  It utilizes the advanced
science of nanotechnology to produce ceramic particles that, upon
reaction with water produce biocompatible and aluminum-free ceramic

The BioAggregate® Powder promotes a complicated set of reactions upon
mixing with BioA Liquid (deionized water), which leads to the formation of
a nano-composite network of gel-like calcium silicate hydrate intimately
mixed with hydroxyapatite bioceramic, and forms a hermetic seal when
applied inside the root canal.  

BioAggregate® has excellent handling characteristics after mixing with
water, which aids in the repair process of the affected tooth.
BioAggregate's® radiopacity properties, convenient setting and hardening
time, easy workability and handling properties, make it an ideal root canal
repair filling material.  BioAggregate® is packaged to provide all the
necessary materials for six complete root canal repair filling treatments.


Aluminum-Free and Biocompatible Composition
The effects of aluminum toxicity can cause serious health problems.   
Consequently, BioAggregate® is biocompatible and completely aluminum

Optimum Working Time & Setting Time
The working time of BioAggregate® is at least 5 minutes.  Upon mixing
BioAggregate® Powder and BioA Liquid together, a thick paste-like mixture
is formed.  If additional working time is required, simply cover the mixture
with a moist gauze sponge while unattended.

Excellent Workability and Handling Properties
BioAggregate’s® mixture is paste-like, therefore it is easy to manipulate
and apply.

White Colored Powder
BioAggregate® is not off-white like other root canal repair filling materials.  
Because all the ingredients are white in color, BioAggregate® Powder
complements the natural color of teeth.

To order BioAggregate®,  please contact Clifford Kim at 604 221 6800

BioAggregate® also is available as DiaRoot Root Canal Repair Filling
Material which is a private label distributed by DiaDent.Group International.