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Innovative BioCeramix, Inc
A World Leader for Advanced Bioceramic Technologies
Company (IBC)
Company (IBC)
IBC is a technologically advanced medical device
company located in Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada.  IBC is certified to ISO 13485 and is committed
to developing high quality medical devices for dental and
orthopaedic applications based on cutting-edge
biomaterial technologies.  IBC is a pioneer in the field of
development and manufacture of biomaterials and
medical devices that will benefit patients and provide
convenience for the professional personnel.
IBC is a privately owned North American company,
which was founded by a group of partners with
considerable experience in academic research and
development of bioceramic technologies, business
development specializing in the biomedical industry and
in the distribution of dental products.  IBC’s partners
build on synergy of their combined talents, experience,
expertise and business connections, and intend to
successfully commercialize and market their novel
dental and orthopaedic medical devices.  
Management Team
IBC has successfully developed and manufactures
BioAggregate Root Canal Repair Filling Material, iRoot
SP injectable root canal sealer, iRoot BP, iRoot BP
Plus advanced root canal repair and filling materials,
and iRoot FS novel dental products, which are
designated for endodontic applications.  These
products received the pre-market approval from US
FDA, CE Mark, Health Canada, and China SFDA. IBC
is currently developing three additional next generation
dental and orthopaedic products.
IBC Products
IBC Technologies
IBC has very successfully developed a variety of novel
patented bioceramic technologies, including amorphous
hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, high strength biological
calcium phosphate silicate cement, and novel injectable
biological cements. The patented technologies are
intended to use for dental and orthopaedic applications,
such as endodontic treatment, high strength bone cement
for replacing PMMA, and bone void filler.